Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Seems to have decided to settle in my chest for the time being. Not much more than coughing and sore throat with the stuffy nose.

Plan for the day was to nap, hang out in bed, nap some more.

About the time I was going to head to the first nap, my little dog power-horked all over the bed. And we're not talking small bits, we're talking a full-on stomachful of partially-digested turkey. I managed to get the sheets and blankets off the bed before it soaked into the mattress too far, but it was pretty obvious that I wasn't gonna be napping soon.

Got the sheets and blankets into the laundry, or at least the first load. Went to get the backup mattress pad and sheets. Evidently one of the cats determined that this was a good place to hork up hairballs. Mattress pad is fine, but the sheets are... well, not something I want to sleep on. Sprayed the mattress with OxySolution and let it soak into the stain as much as I can.

I get the mattress pad on the bed, and Mom calls, wondering how I am feling.

About this time, Sadie power-horked a second load in the kitchen, under the dishwasher. Mom wants to keep chatting, and she's miffed that I think that dog vomit is more important than she is.

I went to clean up the kitchen... after letting Sadie outside. She of course feels better and now she wants to play.

I go through about half a roll of paper towels cleaning up the kitchen, getting a new trash bag just for this mess. The smell is awful.

Decide that I'm not gonna wait for laundry, so I head for Target to get some new sheets and pillowcases. The cold sucks, and wandering around Target feeling like crap isn't my favorite pastime. Goddamn pillowcases are expensive, even on sale. I pick up a couple of microfleece blankets as well-- on sale.

Get out to the 'Sploder, and it won't start. Same as usual. So I wait, listen to the radio, finally gety it to burn about a half-hour later.

I get home. Barb just got home. Sadie decided to see if the hork from the kitchen that was in the trash bag would go down better the second time, so there is turkey-vomit-laden paper-towel mess all over the kitchen floor. And it smells really really bad.

Second clean-up, spray everything with the Oxy Solution all over again. Flip the mattress, choke down some cough syrup, and now I'm about to make the bed with the new stuff and lie down to watch bad movies.

Pardon me if I don't answer the phone.

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