Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Got this from one of many filmmaking groups I belong to:

Legendary "Corpse Grinders" director Ted V. Mikels has asked me
to pass along the following message in his own words.
Here's your chance to actually own a piece of a real-deal Cult
Horror Movie:

"I will be starting principal photography on " DEMON BLOODLUST"
in late January. We have second unit already in action in New York,
and CGI and annimation of " DEMONS" is right now going on in my
studios here in Las Vegas. It will be low budget however in Digital
Hi-DEF, and the story contains all of the ingredients for today's
demanding market.

Here is an opportunity for you or someone interested to participate
in this movie as an Associate Producer. We already have several
interested distributors, and it should not be a big gamble. Anyne
starting in our business needs credits on his or her resume to be
taken seriously when they wish to undertake their own production. I
am offering Associate Producer positions at $2,500. per point, with
re-coups coming in from the VERY FIRST DOLLARS and every dollar
thereafter, without any recoupables from my end. Could be very
profitable. An associate would be invited to come to Las Vegas
during production and work in crew, or in an executive capacity, or
even in the cast. That would not be required, but might help someone
gain necessary experience. There will only be limited points
available, and all participants would have to be locked in no later
than mid-January.

If you yourself, or anyone you know would like to be an Associate
Producer with ON SCREEN CREDITS on this movie, let me know.

I'm well aware of Ted V. Mikels, and if my aspirations were to be an associate producer and if I had chunks of cash to spend just to see my name in credits on a movie screen somewhere, I'd probably yump at the chance.

But I'm much more interested in funding my own forays into the world of filmmaking, and if I'm seeing my name in credits, I'd want it to be in a creative role.

I'm bothered by this, and I'm not entirely sure why.
Tags: filmmaking

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