Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Headache today.

Sinus related, I'm certain. Various of my body's membranes have been ravaged by the illness and the medication needed to stomp it down, and there is enough blood to be annoying. I'm hoping that it will subside somewhat by the time I get home, since I want to get back on the bike tonight and restart the workout, but that will depend entirely on how I feel.

Working on the 'Sploder got postponed due to weather, but I may have found a solution to that with a garage that can be heated.

Last night I went to a belly dance recital that was interesting. Saw a few familiar faces, but mostly ones I didn't know. One of the women was I think transgendered; she looked an amazing amount like Jaye Davidson and had at the very least had some augmentation, but was quite aesthetically pleasing.

I saw something last night that made me curious. First, let me explain that very often if I'm seeing a performance, my mind goes into details of performance and not just enjoying the performance itself. It might be technical details like lighting or stagecraft, or in this case subtleties about the performance itself. What I noticed in more than one of the dancers was that their hands were shaking, and it made me wonder if they were really that nervous or if it was from muscle fatigue.

Headache is (after taking bull-killing amounts of pills) subsided to a weird distracty feeling, like I know I have a headache because I can feel the pressure but the sharp edge of the pain itself is diminished or altered to a whitewash of sensation like the background noise in a bowling alley would taste.

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