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feeling in a sense somewhat disconnected today. I'm a bit loopy from the benadryl, taken to combat the excessively runny nose that is otherwise the result of the vestiges of sick and grotesquely dry air that comes with sub-freezing temperatures. The good part of that is that I am capable of functioning on some level, and profuse with flowery verbiage. I don't know if the writing and verbal part of my brain is on overdrive, or if the visual-spatial sense is supressed, or something else entirely, I just know it's different. I fully expect that some day when I am not otherwise chemically altered that I will go back and read these words and they will make about as much sense as dogbone bananapatch.

I suppose it's not the time for introspection. I'm having some quandries dealing with relationship stuff that maybe I should just put away for a while until I can have a clearer head, but it's bound to bug me in the meantime. It's one of those insidious things that gnaws at your self-confidence like a rat on cheese.

Maybe I'm just feeling vulnerable right now. I can't really tell, I'm too close to it. Times like this I really need to retract into autopilot mode and just do stuff that I know needs doing.

Tags: navel gazing

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    Two words: Zombieland Rocks.

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    Just got back from Coraline. Gaiman kicks righteous ass, but you already knew that. I'll say go see it. Onto the bike now. Wish me luck!

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