Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Dog Day Afternoon

Today was very pooch oriented.

I got up this morning after sleeping in until around 11-- felt wonderful. I was actually awake earlier and was able to make a conscious decision to go back to sleep. Ahhh.

Around 11 I was pounced on by both Sadie and Micha-- Sadie who wanted to pee, and Micha who just wanted petting. I let Sadie out and came back to bed for some more petting time with both her and Micha. About an hour of pet cuddling, and I got up to take a shower.

I've felt a little neglectful of Sadie since I've been gone so much, so after I got out of the shower and got dressed, I asked her what she wanted to do, and she made a beeline back to the bed for more cuddle time. It was very sweet.

Decided to go out for lunch. Ended up at the Bulldog, which is where the Mud Pie used to be. Had a quite tasty burger and chili fries, most of which I took home, and quite good service. It may have been because there were maybe four other people in the restaurant, and I think two of them worked there.

Came back home, and decided that Barb's plants needed watering, so I hooked up the hose, and spent a few minutes watering the plants, and about an hour watering the dog. Her new favorite game is get the water, and it's really funny to watch. It also keeps her massively entertained, gets her clean, and keeps her cool on really hot days. The only downside was when I would stop, she would come over to me to get petted, which involves a lot of physical contact from an extremely wet dog.

After the hosing, we went for a walk, and she was so excited to go she was almost levitating. We went to some new places, and spent a lot of time sniffing stuff-- well, she was sniffing, I was pretty much standing and holding the lead. By the time we got back, my feet and legs were beat, so I laid down and read for a bit.

Then I decided to service the pressure washer. It hasn't been working quite right for a while, so I decided to take it apart and see what I could do. It seemed a lot like the pump needed oiling, and sure enough when I got it apart, I found that there was an actual oil reservoir. Cool! So the dog got to go for a car ride as well down to the hardware store for electric motor oil and a quick-release hose connector, and then back home.

I did some pressure washing of the sidewalk and driveway which was soreley needed, and proceeded to get myself wet yet again. The pup stayed in the backyard and watched me and laughed.

Then inside for a change of clothes and a few chapters of a book. And a decision to make dinner of chicken and tortellini and peppers. Tasty, cooking interrupted by a phone call from Mom. Eating is proceeding now-- Barb came home from her KC trip, and is now downstairs decompressing.

I am so completely unmotivated to work on this commercial. I need to find my sound effects CDs, and a while ago I moved all of them. If I could remember where, I'd be in much better shape. What I really should do is download them all to the Samba server, sort them, and have them on-line. It's a really good idea. Really.

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