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Chunky, funky economic pressure. I just discovered I'm somewhere in the neighborhood of five bills overdrawn in my checking account, and my next payday is tomorrow. In that case, it's a good thing, but it does make for some treading lightly on things like paying bills, much less any kind of holiday festivities. Massive car repairs came at an inopportune time (though whether there is ever an opportune time for large unexpected expenses is a philosophical point that I'll leave up to you), and the student loan payments are getting restructured so I'll be required to pay more each month.

This is a bleak time in the marmot financial landscape.

It's survivable. It does mean some belt-tightening, though the belt is already cranked down pretty hard: my medical insurance payments alone could finance a small third-world country (though it is cheaper than paying for the meds out-of-pocket).

I'm afraid though that it won't be enough. I don't know the exact figures yet, but I'm pretty sure this increase will push me over the edge and into the abyss where I have to consider some extra income.

I'm pretty much down to two possibilities:

1.) Getting a roommate
2.) Making porn

For various reasons, several folks have steered me away from making porn. I keep the option open because I have to balance out the pros and cons of each with the potential income relief.

The Big Broken Box™ isn't quite yet ready for a roommate, but it's actually not that far off. The same could be said for making porn, so I consider that to be pretty much a wash-- a couple of months of work, really.

So in the roommate sense, I'd pretty much be giving up my room and moving to the smaller one (my room is the only one with an actual closet), so the available room would be about 12' square with hardwood floors, good sized closet. Main floor, pretty new kitchen. Washer and dryer. Bathroom is functional but not pretty, I'm planning a remodel but can't afford it yet (upstairs bathroom will be remodeled first), so it wouldn't be a big selling point. I have a dog and a cat, the other two cats will be going with Barb once she gets a place settled. There will be some various remodeling projects happening in the next few years.

Good neighborhood, convenient to lakes, parks, uptown.

Heat, electric, and broadband internet included, what's a reasonable monthly price to ask?


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Dec. 7th, 2006 06:43 pm (UTC)
I don't know, how much and at what rate do male pornstars get paid?
Hourly, per money shot?

Do not forget to consider parking - garage stall, off-street, street, etc.

My gut says $500, but I have not rented in a long time. Last time was in 1997. I was paying about $1k/mo for a 1024Sq Ft, 2bedroom, 2bath, top floor, vaulted ceiling, real-wood fireplace, 1 underground parking stall, 1 surface lot parking spot, in-unit Washer/Dryer apartment, utilities not included. The previous tenant had been there for several years, so it ended up with new paint, new carpet, and a couple of the appliances were either new or "lightly" used.
Dec. 7th, 2006 07:07 pm (UTC)
Porn actors get paid usually by the scene. Male actors get usually between $0-$300 for straight, $0-$1000 for gay (gay porn generally treats the actors better, and a lot of hetero porn actors will do gay porn because of it). Women get paid more, usually $300-$500 per scene, though it varies widely.

That doesn't include softcore or stuff like "Girls Gone Wild". GGW girls often get a T-shirt and free drinks and that's it.
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