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Nunny rose to work. Benadryl is my friend, but she makes me sleeeeeepy, and hard to focus on. I'm all blurry, like an out-of focus cookie. Nookie. Rookie. Loopy like a loon doing loop-de-loops.

The sound that a dollop of whipped cream makes when dropped from a height of several feet into a cup of hot cocoa is most definitely "plop". The inverse is not true.

TUBS people called this morning. They are bringing me a new dumpsterbag. Cool!

From the spam filter:

A good way to diagnose pinworm is to place a piece of tape over the anus at night and take it in to the doctor for examination.

What kind of tape does one use for the anus? The tweaker in me wants to go to Home Depot and ask this question, but there is a more cogent part of me that says it's probably not a good idea. Writing it into a movie script though, there's a wonderful thought. Really, the combination of anus and adhesives just has so much comic potential.


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