Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Yesterday I was quite the social butterfly, which when you are built like me has its complications.

Started off in the noonish by stopping by the domicile of sybildiscontent and angelady unannounced, and they were kind enough to take me in even though sybil is such a sicko. Ended up spending a couple of hours doing domestic things and just sharing company, which was nice.

Then it was flitting off to the uber-tea at Mythic Palace, which was a shindig of epic proportions, lovely presentation, and wonderful company. I could only stay for a couple of hours because of needing to feed and otherwise care for the pets, and left for home to some happy furballs what loves me, or at least love my ability to provide them with food.

Then it was up to Casa de Bruno for the birthday festivities of g33kgoddess, and lo there was much singing and bowling and general imbibing of the fire-water. I ended up taking Artemis home well into the naughty bits of the morning.

And wow, I am socialed out for a while. Any social marmot time in the near future needs to be pretty low-key, or there is the possibility that I will combust or plode (whether im- or ex- will depend on the various nobules of terteritude).


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