Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Came in to work this morning to find that my monitor had taken a faceplant onto the floor sometime over the weekend. Luckily it still works, but still a bit of a surprise.

The DVD player in the bedroom died over the weekend too. Not entirely unexpected: it was a dumpster dive from the Gulag, and lasted a couple of years before essentially losing the ability to read discs. I may scavenge it for parts for some of my other nefarious schemes, though after making the mistake of entering the labyrinth of the Hub Hobby Center in Richfield on Sunday and discovering that they have effectively doubled in size since I was last there, I have become enamored of a store in a way which is nigh unto pornographic. This is a store that carries methylene chloride in a handy applicator bottle: MC is used to weld certain plastics like acrylics and polycarbonates, and it's nearly imposible to find anywhere. If you have a need to quick-fabricate frames for things like prototype mechanics or one-off animatronics, this is the stuff you need. This and a small machine shop.
And they have a veritable plethora of various gears, cranks, cables, and the like. Porn for marmots, I tell you.

Anyway, I broke down and got a new DVD player from Breast Buy. Spent a chunk of time removing the elder and subsequently defunct DVD changer, repositioning the TV, rewiring the system to be less assholishly haphazard, installing the new player, and so on. Merely a temporary move anway, as I am planning on replacing that corner with a built-up furniture deskoid-thingy, though I may succumb to the concept of moving the bed to the much less freezing inner wall rather than the grotesquely underinsulated outer wall which provides me with interesting dreams of having my limbs being slowly turned into pudding when they come in contact with cold plaster for long periods of time and having the deskoid in the opposite corner, thus freeing up the radiator to be more effective as a source of heat and not just an insufficiently horizontal shelf for stuff.

I'm sure there will be more later, but for now I must go and emannetize my escutcheon.


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