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When we recycle we are giving new life to used goods. Somewhere, you are regenerating an idea, interest or project that occupied your time about 12 years ago. Einstein tells us that energy can never be destroyed it can only change its form. Pay attention to what is recurring in your life now. It may have the same essence, but you have it within your power to change its appearance completely. Don't dismiss the benefit that it could still bring to you today.

Happy Holy Daze, Taurus! I've been meditating on the perfect holiday gift for you. What item might inspire you to take maximum advantage of the cosmic currents in 2007? I've decided on Winning With Integrity: Getting What You're Worth Without Selling Your Soul, a book by sports agent Leigh Steinberg. It'll help you be both smart and heartful as you navigate your way through the negotiations you'll be called on to do in the coming months. Here's a taste of Steinberg's advice.
(1) Align yourself with people who share your values.
(2) Learn all you can about the other party.
(3) Create a climate of cooperation, not conflict.
(4) Learn to listen.
(5) Convince the other party you have an option, even if you don't.

A marvelous effect
This influence arouses the creative and romantic imagination, either giving you a greater appreciation for and sensitivity to beauty, with a strong desire to be surrounded by it, or sending you off into a pleasant daydream. If you experience the first response, make an effort to expose yourself to art, music or poetry today, because they will have a marvelous effect upon your consciousness. Aspects of reality and perception that you are normally not aware of are yours under this influence. Even placing yourself in beautiful surroundings, such as a pleasant country spot, a beautiful garden or a striking landscape, will have a very powerful effect upon you. In relationships this influence gives you an acute sensitivity to the needs and feelings of your loved ones.
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