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Last day of work for the year. Yes indeedy-do, the company shuts down for the week, so I have ten days consecutive off (new years day is on Monday). Combine this with having finished a project yesterday, and today is a pretty much morphodite day at work. I can't concentrate on anythying useful (thanks dramatekcv), and I'm drinking exotic tea with buttloads of caffiene which is making me a little squirrely.

The ten days won't be wasted, other than a few days of Momitude. I plan on using the time to do some work on the Big Broken Box™ to make it more amenable to company and social gatherings. A large part of that is moving stuff to places where stuff should be, or at least having a place for stuff temporarily until it goes away to eBay or somesuch. Really, a lot of groundwork has already been done behind the scenes, and I am scant time away from actually having a living room again, reclaimed from the pet jungle. Dining room still needs some work, but I have hope as Barb is coming down with a truck with which to load stuff upon so that it may go away into the hinterlands of KCMO and the hell out of my house. I don't mean that to be nasty, it's more that Barb taking away a truckful of stuff opens up space that I need to move things away from the living room/dining room/bedroom and get them more organized. I have actually started a good collection place for tools and materials which really only gets better as I keep going. lio came and got his stuff, so there are a few shelves that are now able to take the things that are in the lab part of the basement-- I actually started on that a few nights ago.

I still haven't tackled the bathroom. I've been holding off on that, because it's destined for a tear-out and part of the process is going to be ripping some pretty big holes in the wall to run new plumbing and cable routing. There's really no way around that, and when I do get in there, it's going to be a chunk of ugly and very dirty work. Right now the Bathroom of the Elder Gods is just ugly and dirty, not really dangerous. Contrary to popular opinion, it will not eat your soul, it just nibbles on it a little as a snack.

Thinking of expanding the kitchen into the breezeway. It will mean doing some insulation for the breezeway that is currently uninsulated, as well as a bunch of other stuff in the kitchen that needs some pretty serious work anyway (like radiant floor heat, a new bay/bowed window, venting...), but I'll get the front porch done first. Just because there's a section of wall missing in the kitchen doesn't make it any less user-friendly, right? Moving into the breezeway will add some considerable space, allow me to remake the closet in the SW bedroom into an actual closet again, and allow for more pantry space. It's not a minor change, but it is pretty much all indoors, other than the bay window. It's still not really big enough for an island, but it does make for a pretty good-sized kitchen.

All in good time.
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