Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

And the post-holiday blues settle in like a drunk uncle who plops himself down in front of the TV set to watch football games for the entire season.

Mortgage servicing company raised my payments by a hundred bucks a month; this is on a fixed-rate mortgage mind you. The reason: taxes increased.

Student loan payments are restructuring and want to increase a walloping amount (like another 200 bucks a month) because they're basing payments on gross income, not net. Assholes.

I must also plan for new vehicle loan payments, as the 'Sploder-- though it has had a rather marvelous reprieve-- has approached the time when the blue-book value is less than what some major repairs could cost, and at 180k-plus miles, it's time to plan for a new vehicle. Estimating another $250 a month minimum. All told that's an additional 550 bucks a month that I can ill afford.

Makes for a cranky marmot.

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