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weekend update

O sheltered life
that livest thou in cages
what be thy name?

Apologies to fairoriana for the above englishly-incorrect snippet, but it is international "ode to crap" day.

Friday was one of those smackdown days at work, where I found out that I would be spending long hours in Owatonna once again to try and Make It Go. Some tiny progress on the vehicle-communication front, to be mastered this week.
Friday night I was able to spend some fun low-key social time with cajones and chebutykin, which was quite nice. I really need to be social more often. There was the talking about stuff, and the seeing some of Chris's new artwork, and talking about projects and the eating of the pizza and the viewing of the movies. I subjected them to House on Haunted Hill, which is one of my William Castle favorites. It's a weird combination of cheesy and well-done (really cheesy special effects, but some well-done lighting in places), and of course Vincent Price showing what masterful work he can do even with crappy writing.
In turn, the subjected me to Cannibal, the Musical. Spadoinkle!
The sky is blue
And all the leaves are green
The sun is hot as a paked po-tatah...

As much as I did enjoy it, the songs are evil, and stick in your head long after the abcess has been removed.
We can build a snowman...

And the return of the zombies was a good thing. I still have them in the Explorer, which should make quite an impression at the hotel tonight.

Saturday was something or other. I spent the beginning part of the day working on a commercial to spec for a potential client. We broke in the early afternoon to go to the YMCA and renew our memberships-- yes, I am now a card-carrying member of the YMCA. Now all I have to do is actually go.
By the time 6:30 rolled around, I had to go to a meeting that it turns out wasn't on Saturday after all, so I headed back home and wasted a couple of hours watching crappy TV before heading off to No Pants.
No Pants was funny as usual, but touching as well. Josh made a slightly impassioned monologue about how his life has changed because of his constant need to be working on material that I found deeply resonating. And I did get a chance to talk with him a bit about it later.
Then on to the House of Hatle, where eldogo was hosting his own birthday party. It was good, and low-key probably because of the heat. There was much joking and revelry and chatting with folks that I haven't had a chance to chat with in a while. And I got Joe a copy of the Haunted Commercials DVD with his commercial on it, which got a few good laughs. And I rubbed windelina's feet until she was near-drooling, which is always fun. And along about 4:00 or so, there was the home-going.

Sunday was a mess. I woke up with a debilitating headache in the migraine category, weak and dizzy, and ended up sleeping in until 4:00 in the afternoon. Barb ordered chinese (food), and I got up long enough to eat and start a load of laundry, then laid back down to rest some more. The Mom called, and I managed to get upset yet again, and afterwards I got a lecture from Barb on how messed up I was to let her get to me like that. And if there's one thing that will make you feel better when you have a migraine, it's someone lecturing you.

(Wait, is that sarcasm I hear dripping?)

I managed to get up around 8:00 and finish up the commercial, and posted it up to the FTP site, get an e-mail off to the client, and powder up a DVD for shipping to another potential. Finished laundry, packed the duffel, then slept the sleep of the sick.

This morning I got up feeling much better, but having to hurry to the clinic for lab work. It strikes me that a clinic would be a great place for vampires, because they tend to take a lot of blood. And the test is fasting, so I couldn't eat breakfast until afterwards. And today my muscles are stiff, particularly my arms, which makes it difficult to type. And today I get to spend a chunk of time under the hood trying to talk to cars and find out why they aren't cooperating.

And tonight, the hot tub. Aaaaaah.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to Dreamhaven like I had planned, so I have no bookage to accompany me. And I'm in Owatonna, which is not exactly the literary capitol of the world. I looked in the yellow pages for a bookstore, and it said "see what-you-talkin-bout-willis". So perhaps I will have to peruse the "book" section at Target.


Yeah, yeah, I know, I bitch and moan a lot. It's really not that bad all around, and I do have some really nice friends. I need to spend more time with y'all.


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