Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Been cleaning, pushing through a depressive episode. Hit the bedroom, which is grotesquely difficult, though I've managed to actually make a serious dent-- enough that I may be able to actually have my new deskoid in place tomorrow.

The hard part is the sorting of stuff, since the bedroom has been the central living space for so long and it contains a wide variety of *stuff* that needs to be put into places that are for those things, and those places don't entirely exist yet. For now I have a bunch of plastic bins.

Had a fire in the fireplace, burning a bunch of junk paper stuff. Paper doesn't burn well by itself, and it leaves a lot of ash. I've thought about making a machine that would dissolve the paper in water and re-pulp it, then press it into bricks with a hydraulic press with a form that was made specifically for letting air circulate through it enough for burning, but I think somebody already does something similar, making pelletized paper fuel.

(Side note: yes indeed, and it seems to be centered in Wisconsin.)

Going to bed. Tomorrow's another day.

Isn't that a Bond film?

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