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First real memory of something:
fireworks out the bathroom window. I think I was about 2 years old.

First car:
1970 AMC hornet. Black and yellow, with a green plaid interior.

First real kiss:
Snowball, 1979. Denise Crotteau. Friend, she was steady with Mike Okonek, who was in Alaska at the time. She's still married to him. And it was a really good kiss.

First break-up:
Girl named Sandy. High school. I was a real shit back then.
First one that I didn't initiate was a stripper named Elaine.

First job:
Mister Burger. I was 16. It sucked, but one of the waitresses was cool and I had a crush on her.

First screen name:
Hmmm... Lord Hedon.

First self-purchased album:
Cheap Trick.

First pet:
Parent's dog, Sandy. First pet of my own was Fawn, though she was still at my parent's house, she was definitely attached to me. First pet on my own was Micha, who we still have.

First credit card:
Sears? Penneys? Visa in college.

First true love:
Stripper, Elaine. Head over heels gone. Destined for failure, but OMG...

First enemy:
You know, I can't really think of anyone that's been an enemy. Perhaps the ex-wife, but I don't think that really counts.

First big trip:
Germany, exchange student, 1977. I saw "the Warriors" in German (Die Warriors).

First music you remember hearing in your house:
Music wasn't real big in our house growing up. I'd say probably broadcasts of the Grand Ol' Opry up at the cabin.

First broken bone:
Collarbone, 4th grade. Football.

First concert:
Um, I was in band, so if you count that, I'd say 5th grade. If you're talking going to a concert, I think it was probably Heart with John Cougar. Broke up with Elaine during "Jack & Diane".

First serious illness:
Chicken pox, somewhere around 6 maybe? Viral infection of my cerebrospinal fluid around 8 or 9.

First brush with fame:
Huh. Seeing the Chimilewski Brothers live at Goldfine's in 1971. Doesn't seem like much now, but back then it was big. Chatted with Vincent D'onofrio once for a few minutes without recognizing him. And Art Garfunkel once told me I was funny. Didn't recognize him either.

First drinking binge:
I'd have to say my first year of college. 0.56 GPA. Of course, I was in North Dakota, so I had an excuse.

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