Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Wow, sorry, I just realized I hadn't posted yet today, and that is nigh unto unforgivable. I plead meetings all day as an excuse, Bruce.

Debating on walking the pooch tonight. I'm still kinda crampy-stiff from yesterday, but I know it's gonna get cold later this week. I'm pretty much fifty-fifty on riding the fence, though I suppose when I actually get home the dog will be all excited and fluffy and want to go.

Thing is I have stuff that I really need to do if I'm going to make my goal for the week (since I didn't actually do anything constructive last night except for pie), and tonight is a good night for ducks, if you catch my meaning.

I'll probably compromise and do a shorter power-walk down to the dead and back. Last night was a pretty good length (I'm trying to push it a little each night, and last night we almost made it to the lake), so a power walk isn't a particularly bad choice other than the wearing-me-out factor.

I suppose I still don't have a good handle on my limits.

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