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This is what happens when you don't watch TV.

Your 1996 Theme Song Is: 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins

Shakedown 1979
Cool kids never have the time
On a live wire right up off the street
You and I should meet

Did some cleaning last night in an attempt to salvage some of the week.

1.) Went grocery shopping after work since I was on serious low-fuel warning in the food sense. Went heavy on the fruits and vegetables; they had navel oranges that looked good so I got a bunch, and as it turns out they are pretty damn tasty so I might get some more tonight. Red bell peppers are still outrageous ($3.29/lb!?), so I got green ones and will have to live. Almost no meat: I got some chicken, but I do have meat in the freezer, and I've been pretty meat-ed out lately.

2.) Cleaned out the fridge, lite: not so much a scrubbing and such as a throwing away of stuff beyond the expiration date and unrecognizeable in its current form (was that a salad back in October?). Just did the shelves, haven't tackled the door.

3.) Laundry. Quickie. One load.

4.) Cleaned the catbox in the living room. This was a pain because the cats have a habit of being less-than-accurate, so it involved spraying, sweeping, mopping, discovering that the mop bucket's wheels are too jammed full of dust and hair to turn anymore so I had to clean them out but didn't have anything that would work, and that I was out of cat litter.

5.) Side trip to the hardware store for cat litter and a funky razor knife, where I also picked up some live traps for mouses (little kitchen bastards) and a stud finder.

6.) Took the clamps off the workbench tops and moved them into a slightly less annoying place.

7.) Decided that the amount of cleaning and discardation from the basement lab area was more than I wanted to tackle right then.

8.) Discovered that one of the light fixtures in the basement lab area was fried, and removed it for replacing later. Sorted through light bulbs in the basement to find the ones that were still alive.

9.) De-furred the mop bucket wheels.

10.) Cleaned up a bit of the kitchen. Small bit, but useful.

11.) Took out trash.

It seems like a lot when I list it out, but it was all more incidental stuff that wasn't in my master plan for the week. Major things that yet need to happen:

1.) I need to move the shelves from the living room and kitchen into the bedroom for at least temporary storage.

2.) Dish laundry and general kitchen cleaning. It's actually not too bad, it's just cluttered from being used as a staging area for the bedroom thingy.

3.) Set up of workbenches in the basement. This involves a whopping amount of cleaning and disencrapification.

4.) Bathroom of the Elder Gods needs to be detoxified and cleaned.

5.) Hall of Doors needs to be emptied of stuff.

6.) Stuff that's still in the living room (Undead room?) needs to either find a home or go away.

7.) Dining room has several things:
    7.1) stuff needs to find a home.
    7.2) Light fixtures for The One Room need to move down to The One Room.
    7.3) Table needs to come apart for Barb Storage.
    7.4) Film equipment needs to move to the studio.
    7.5) ceiling light fixture needs to be replaced.
    7.6) take apart bookshelf for Barb Storage.
    7.7) set up weight bench & move bike.

Basement stuff will probably have to happen first, because the new home for some of the stuff is going to be the basement, and I really need to establish a beachhead down there so I can work on some of the stuff that needs working on.

Meh. Looks like the weekend is pretty much spoken for.
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