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I need a new name for the basement. Much like the bathroom on the main floor has the name of Bathroom of the Elder Gods, and the Room Where No One Walks has reached the status of legend, the basement needs a name. I've been waffling about the Basement of Doom, the Dungeon of Ultimate Despair, and the Pit of Oddly Unidentifiable Odors, but none of them seem quite right.

That may be because it's morphing into something else. The lab part will probably become the Prop Shop, since that is what will mainly be frotted there. The laundry room will probably always be the laundry room since that is its primary purpose. The Lavender Room may or may not cease to exist, but is pretty much where the service panel and electical utilities are located, and will likely have more added as time flogs the monkey. The One Room is pretty much tool and material storage, at least for now. That may change if it becomes logical to do so, but it's unlikely to be anything else in the near future.

But the basement is really morphing into the messy workspace, where many a creature will be gestated. Henson has their Creature Shop, but I do more than creatures. There are props and electronics that come out of the place as well.

Perhaps it is still too early for it to have a name. Perhaps it needs time to settle into its new frame before a label sticks, and in the meantime I just give it whatever name seems appropriate. It just seems wrong to do that though.

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