Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

So I compromised and went to Target to see if I could find a DVD shelf. Partly successful: I found a cheap-ass bookshelf that fell apart almost instantly after putting it up. Right now, half of it is actually succeeding as a shelf, but they seem to intentionally design these things to not be useful for DVDs (too deep, wrong shelf height on the fixed shelves, etc.). I'm going to have to make what I want, except with the saw gone, I have to find a different way of cutting the shelves to size, and I'm most definitely not happy about that. And I need some considerable shelving to hold all of the DVDs that I currently have in boxes.

Decided to watch a couple of movies. Watched Dusk 'til Dawn while I cleaned and put together the crap-shelf, then tried to watch Ju-On 2, only to discover that it won't play in my DVD player.

Well, you might think that I have some interesting tools on the computer to look at the structure of a DVD and see what might cause it to flake, and maybe fix those errors and re-burn it to a DVD-R. And you might think I would use those tools to discover an error in the encoding of one of the IFO files and possibly recalculate the correct offsets and all so that I could actually watch the movie on my DVD player. Of course, I would only do such a thing as a theoretical educational exercise since according to the DMCA it would be illegal of me to actually make a copy of a DVD that I own, even to fix an encoding error.

It would also be illegal of me to rip the DVDs onto a file server so that I could actually have them on hard drive and be able to pull them up on the network and play them at any computer in the house that's on the network. That's not entirely a practical solution anyway, since most DVDs are around 4G minimum and some are up to 9, and the amount of hard drive space that I'd need to store all of my DVDs would be measured in multiple terabytes. It's feasible, but I'd need a dedicated media server to do it, which would have to be a fast machine with a whopping lot of hard drives. Moola I don't have.

Of course, it would be possible to encode the video files to something like DivX or h.264 and save a lot more space. Just as a theoretical educational exercise.

On the other hand, I now have shelves up in my room and out of the living room and kitchen and the grok spots of urethane are removed from the bedroom floor, so it's not a completely wasted day. I still have a lot of disorganized stuff around that I don't know what to do with yet. I'm pretty sure that the Room Where No One Walks is going to become the new media room/library once I get to steppin'. I figure I'll do the whole thing in book and DVD/CD shelves, because I'm just like that.

Tags: cleaning, house, theft

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