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Tom Ramcigam


You should invite Desire to dinner...or should you?
Keep in mind that once you see it, you will
love if forever and your life will no longer be
your own. But hey, if that's what you're

Which of the Endless Should You Invite to Dinner?
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What, I should eat with a streetcar?

American Gods
You are American Gods! You are mysterious,
intelligent, and creative. To the rest of the
world you may seem a little standoffish, but
really youre just a quiet person. Youre sort of
bookish and are intrigued by mythology and
fairy tales. You might be Wiccan or Pagan,
either that or youre unreligious. You have a
sarcastic sense of humor and are the kind of
person people like to talk to because youre
such a good listener.

*~Which Neil Gaiman book are you?~*
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I'm sorry, what was that you said?


1. Hell, you don't care if it's a living
thing, or a rock! You just want the pleasure,
and you want it now!!You fear the mellow
rabbit, for it's not fast enough for you!

If you had to fuck an animal...Which would it be?
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Um, I've been to Buffalo...

Quiz Results...
Monotonous, endless, an all around insufferable
bore! People fall asleep when you just walk by

How boring are you?
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Not if I see that buffalo...

Angst. You love to write how painful life is, how
depressing people are, and how no one can be
trusted. Go you! You have the right idea of how
it really is!

What genre should you write?
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This is taking a decided turn.

You are The coward.

You are strange and you seldom fit in anywhere you
go because of your refusal to conform to the
"norm". This means you are a freak.
Although you might have quite alot of friends,
this is only because they got stuck with you at
an early age and are too nice to dump on you.
You think more than you act and you are a
general loner coward who hides behind your
mummy. You are also sensitive to other
people's needs, and are a sucker for guilt

Learn to be stronger, coward:>GO HERE

The EVIL TRUTH Personality Test
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You are ZU'UL THE DESTROYER! The universe exists
solely to piss you off. Due to this fact you
feel no conscience pangs at attempting to
dominate others. You're a real bastard, and
someone is very likely to shoot you at some

What Ghost Busters character are you.
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Get off my back!!

Metal Gear Solid. You are one of my many favorite
"shoot'em while they aren't looking"
first person shooter games. You are hard and
mean like Solid Snake (sighs over Snake). You
get annoyed easily with other people and can't
stand that kid who took your place when they
thought you died... ah hem...

Which of my favorite video games are you?
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No! I'm really sweet and kind and gentle!

Info Black
Your Heart is Black

What Color is Your Heart?
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No! No! I'm a happy bunny! See me hop!

You are THE Bunny of Doom :( Please don't doom me!

(Please rate the quiz at the bottom of the page!!)

Are you the bunny of doom?? If not, what are you!?!??!
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Alas, I am found out.


Anybody got a carrot?

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