Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I didn't get the house as clean as I wanted to before Artemis comes over tonight. If I were the blame-placing sort, I'd blame sybildiscontent, because it's easier than taking responsibility for it myself, but blame serves no real purpose other than trying to obtain cookies.

I did get the Bathroom of the Elder Gods somewhat disenfunkerated. Not decimated as I had hoped, but not disgusting anymore either (as long as you squint). The kitchen is still a clutterfuck, the front porch still has trash from the last living room cleaning, and the living room still has a few books and plastic bins that need resolving. But as they say, "so goes the nose". I'm not entirely sure what it means, but it has some alliteration, so it must be profound.

Does anyone actually live a life filled with adventure?

In an attempt to be healthier and lose more weight, I've been eating primarily salads the last few days, made primarily with cabbage. Turns out that cabbage is quite healthy, a great source of vitamin C and cancer-fighting chemmies, as well as a righteous source of dietary fiber.


Back in a minute.

It's friday, and that makes me happy. Not so much the workies, though I have a bunch o' shite to do this weekend, including greenscreen camera tests for the project that wouldn't die, as well as some sort of celebratory activity which was originally supposed to be a form of debauchery involving a hot tub, a dwarf pimp, and an electrical socket, but got sidelined for lack of disposable income.

I need to have more nekkid hot tub parties. They were a staple of my growth as a human being, and an experience like no other. Of course booze is involved as it so often is when friends get naked, but that is part of the fun.

See? Adventure. It's not for everybody.

So, question for you:

If I were to have a naked hot tub party, what else besides booze would there need to be for you to come?

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