Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Thank you, mistress.

150 – 200 Points: Kink Genius

If you've scored at the very high end of this range, you are probably already immersed in a BDSM lifestyle. Even if you've never shared your kinks with anyone but your life partner, you have few inhibitions when it comes to sexual experimentation. You place personal sexual happiness above what you perceive as playing by other peoples rules. For this reason, you don't judge others for whatever it is that turns them on.
You see yourself as an enlightened, progressive individual for whom a varied erotic life is essential ingredient of personal happiness. You like to read about sex of all kinds, and enjoy erotica and pornography. Even if you don't share or understand a particular turn-on, you're willing to try it if the circumstances (or partners) are right.
In purely clinical terms, and according to the standards established by the American Psychiatric Association, you would be classified (depending upon your specific interests) as either a fetishist or s sadomasochist.

I hate labels.

You're either a doormat, passive-aggressive, or
what we kinksters call a submissive.
Whether male or female, you're likely a sexy little
slut, bisexual, and multiorgasmic.
Submissives are loyal, eager to please, love
attention, and just adore being told to kneel,
roll over, or beg. Let someone snap a collar
and leash on you, and just watch you drool.
Hmmm...Maybe you're actually a puppy?

What's Your Kink?
brought to you by Quizilla

Huh. Whoda thunk it?


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