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I sometimes post about nakedness: being naked, naked hot tubbing, and all.

As much as there is fluffy fun about it, there is a deeper meaning that comes into play.

See, naked doesn't necessarily mean sexual, and that's the big taboo that seems to overshadow everything.

Naked is vulnerable. Naked is equal. Naked is not hiding behind fashions, or styles, or masks. Naked is opening yourself up to the potential for ridicule. Naked is saying "here I am, for better or worse, take me in this form for this is truly what I am".

I am not pretty. I am not the conventional model of hawtness, nor am I happy with my body in its entirety. But you know, my body is not me. It is only a part of who I am and not the entirety, any more than my job describes who I am, or the car I drive describes who I am. I am the sum of a lot of parts, maybe more than the sum.

Yet I am reluctant to post here pictures of me naked, or in any form which is even close to showing me in my entirety. I try to look at why, and I come back to the general ridicule which I fear, though fear isn't the right word. Disdain is probably better. I don't want to be the object of ridicule, any more than the Star Wars Lightsaber Kid or the Tron Costume Guy want to be (though considering the outcome of the two rather different scenarios, it is intriguing to me that maybe I am just being afraid for no real reason).

It comes to mind that there is also a level of trust that comes with being naked. I don't really trust the general public to accept nakedness as something positive and open, any more than I'd want to share all of my secrets with the world, but there is a trust that I do share with friends. Some folks I trust enough that I could be naked (and thus vulnerable) with them; others I don't. It's kind of strange that those that I don't really trust that way are also those that I would be uncomfortable seeing naked myself, like the uncomfortableness is reflexive.

Perhaps I am naked right now, perhaps I am not. It doesn't really matter, as my words remain the same either way. But I ask you to think about who among your friends you would consider as "naked friends" and who you would not, and ask yourself why there is a difference.

The answer may surprise you.
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