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Spelunking in the walkabout

After adding this one, I've reached my limit of user icons now with 135 of the leetle biotches. I do have a lot of leeway in ones that I could remove without any great loss should I decide that I need more, but for now I am content that I have something for pretty much every mood that strikes.

There is a space in between being asleep and being awake where I am aware of both "reality" and the reality of the dreamworld in which my brain cavorts, and that they bleed into each other a little.

This morning I was having a fabulous time as a slogan writer for a company that made a combination pickup truck/sandwich grille. I actually hit the snooze button twice because I needed more slogans, and to fight crime and make the world safe for justice. I'm pretty sure I had a tail.

More money gone. I really wish that the check card thing would either go through faster or I could hold off a few days-- when charges go through after several days (or even weeks), it chaps my ass.
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