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Okay, apparently I am being something of a dick today.

In an attempt to be somewhat civil, I shall try to refrain from removing all doubt as to my dickness. It's like masturbating in church: as much as it would be satisfying today, it would in the long run be counterproductive.

It may have something to do with last night's discovery that all of the CAD work that I had done on the facade was gone because of one of those nice Windows Update your-computer-was-reset-aren't-we-nice events where I hadn't saved anything. I burned a couple of hours recreating that work last night, then adding more detail, which kept me up until around 11:30.

During the night, Stoopikitty decided that he wanted to cuddle, so he hopped up on the bed and got petted for a while, and eventually I fell asleep. He then decided to cuddle with my face. "Waking up with a face full of pussy" jokes aside, I am somewhat allergic to Stoopikitty, which means that today I am puffed up like a magic dragon on 'shrooms.

So today is being spent wrapped in a benadryl buzz and fending off the weasels that have decided to take out a lease on my sinuses as their new winter home and use it as the practice space for their new found-object-percussion band Weasel Stomp!.

And I do love Stoopikitty when he's being cute, even when it means I can't breathe.

There needs to be more dog-walking tonight.
Tags: dick
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