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I've never really been age-conscious. The folks that I usually hang around with have never been centered around my own age. When I was younger and living in Colorado and out to change the world, most of the folks I hung around with were older-- late 20's to early 30's. When I moved back to civilization and went a little crazy, I ended up with college folks when I was in my mid-to-late 20's. I dated a woman who was eight years younger than me. When I moved to the Cities, I made the transition into my thirties with a woman only six years younger. She lasted into my forties. The people I hang around with now have a much wider age range, mostly younger. I've dated in the short term women considerably younger (like 20 years or more), and now I'm dating an "older" woman (older than me by a couple of months). None of it really seems to matter, because it's about interests and abilities, talents and passion. I'd rather date a talented and passionate 20-year old than a bland thirtysomething MILF.

But I also know that the age disparity would cause problems in the long term.

Old Wive's Club used to say that if a woman isn't married by age 30, the chances of her getting married drop to almost nothing. Does that even have an analogy today? Is there an age beyond which a woman is no longer desirable?

How about men?

When do you start saying "hey, I'm not a spring chicken anymore" and start lowering your standards on who you'd date? Does it involve blood alcohol level more than age? When does desperation set in?

Do you ever consider that you may spend the rest of your life alone?
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