Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Rennaisance Exteriors came over tonight to try and sell me some new siding. And yes, it was planned, as it's part of the overall stuff-I-need-to-do with the house.

Part of the sales pitch was a "guess the final price" game, where I would guess the price and if I was within $500, they'd knock $500 off the price. I guessed $16500, and the actual estimate was $16850. And mine was a pure guess. And yes, he had the estimate written down before he saw my guess.

Of course, they wanted me to sight tonight-- it was a sales call, and even though I said that I wasn't willing to sign tonight, I expected it. I told them no, and I stuck to it. They took it well, but I have other estimates to get and financing to consider, as well as looking at insulation which is more the main thrust of the whole thing.

Still, they did well. Good company, strong products, and a leading contender. And they did a good job on selling me on the James Hardie siding over vinyl.

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