Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Apparently I am quite jaded.

Last weekend, I neglected to remove the zombie corpse and skeleton from the Explorer. So this week I have been driving around with the corpse in the passenger seat and the skeleton in the back. The ladies at McDonalds love me, and they've enjoyed it quite a bit.

Today, my boss came to me and pulled me into the conference room. Apparently there were complaints from some of the people that work here that they found it "too disturbing", and I was asked to remove them from sight.

Bear in mind that I have been parking at the far side of the parking lot but was asked to move closer to the building so they could get to the trailers.

I am amused that some people found it disturbing. And the boss was pretty amazed that anyone was seriously put out by what amounts to a large doll.

Then again, I have had more than one query this week if it was a real corpse.

And one request to buy one.

Maybe I should start a new business...

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