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Apparently I am quite jaded.

Last weekend, I neglected to remove the zombie corpse and skeleton from the Explorer. So this week I have been driving around with the corpse in the passenger seat and the skeleton in the back. The ladies at McDonalds love me, and they've enjoyed it quite a bit.

Today, my boss came to me and pulled me into the conference room. Apparently there were complaints from some of the people that work here that they found it "too disturbing", and I was asked to remove them from sight.

Bear in mind that I have been parking at the far side of the parking lot but was asked to move closer to the building so they could get to the trailers.

I am amused that some people found it disturbing. And the boss was pretty amazed that anyone was seriously put out by what amounts to a large doll.

Then again, I have had more than one query this week if it was a real corpse.

And one request to buy one.

Maybe I should start a new business...


Sep. 11th, 2003 04:12 pm (UTC)
Personally, I think you should go into the local thrift shop. Oddball towns no one's ever heard of always have a varied selection of these. :) Get your skellie a wig, a dress, a purse, and some gloves. If you are feeling really nifty, shoes and sunglasses are in order too! :) Perhaps some costume jewellery...

THAT is disturbing! Then, park at the front of the building with your date in the passenger seat. :) You can tell people the zombie is just your offspring of the love interest.

...but, she's so patient. Look at her waiting for me in the car all day. So, sweet and calm.

Sep. 12th, 2003 08:00 am (UTC)
Re: Disturbing
I have to make more of these critters. This one isn't even done. I plan to do hairing later, because clumps of hair really sell a rotting corpse.

I'd like to have one bride-and-groom set, as well as various other more mundane undead that can easily be redressed. And at some point I need to do a believable mummy, though I don't think I want to burn a full skeleton on that one.

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