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I could comment on my Valentine's Day festivities, but there really weren't any because my evening was taken up by a sales call. It's probably a good thing anyway, as although I am feeling better, there is still that whole congestion creature living in my head that would have put a distinct damper on any amorous advances.

Got a meeting to go to tonight. I'm gonna be late, unavoidably as I have to take care of the critters first, but I shouldn't be too far behind. Beyond that, I have the mundane stuff to take care of, which y'all know by now as the scourge of my existence.
Move aside and let the mango thru...

Know what? I'm having a hard time writing about my feelings again. I can feel myself hiding behind... something.

I'm feeling pretty inadequate about a lot of things lately. Pretty much everything if I think about it. If I were to make connections in my head, I would probably attach that to a "well, it's time to accomplish something then" message that would poke me into looking at my list of goals and finding one that was accomplishable in fairly short order. Of course, I don't make those kinds of connections, so I will simply sit and stew in my own juices and feel sorry for myself.


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