Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Pancake Day!

The last day of Carnival! Why am I so Happy! I don't know! Perhaps it's that pancakes and donuts are almost mandatory today! I'm eating salad!

Dreams last night where I was a Jack Bauer-like character that was in prison somewhere in the middle east, and I escaped and had to get to Greece (somewhere around 100 miles away, never mind that 100 miles east of greece is in the Aegean sea). On the way, I met a few people that ended up joining me-- a few were other Americans that were escaping, a few were "friendlies" who were helping us out. I think the Jack Bauer vibe came because while I was sorting paperwork last night I had the TV on, and 24 was one of the shows playing. Prison Break was on just before that, so there's some bleed-thru there as well.

Take away those elements, and what I'm left with is trying to solve what looks to be an impossible task, alone at first but with more people coming in as it progresses. No clue about Greece other than it's about as close to the middle east as you can safely get in my small little brain-world.

More introspection later
Tags: dream

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