Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Apparently, James Cameron has found the tomb of Jesus and his family.

(Website for the movie here.)

Jesus apparently had at least one son (Judah) by his wife, Mary Magdeline.

You know, I saw this blurb a day or two ago, and I thought "hey, neat, biblical archaeology". It didn't really register as anything outrageous.

Today I listened to a radio talk-show host going apeshit, decrying the documentary that will be shown on the Discovery Channel on March 4th (what, next sunday?). Apparently this has a whole lot of people up in arms as being an attack on Christianity by attempting to state "facts" that are counter to the word of the Bible.

It would appear that this story is a set up by the New World Order crowd of Freemasons and the Illuminists. Apparently they're game-plan is to spin-doctor this thing so that the Antichrist can come to power.

Okay-- I get that there are some people that have the divinity of Jesus as being necessary to their core faith. But really, aren't the teachings still valid whether Jesus was a divine being or some guy who was married and had a kid or two? Does Easter lose it's power if the resurrection is proved beyond a doubt to be symbolic instead of literal?

A TV documentary isn't going to prove or disprove the divinity of Jesus. It's an interesting archaeological find that looks legitimately to be dated to the right time period. The sensationalism is designed to entice viewers to watch the movie. If your religion of two thousand years can't stand up to a 90-minute dramatized documentary, then maybe there is something wrong with your religion-- or perhaps your blind faith in dogma.

It is the core principles of Christianity that are the important things. As Bill and Ted say, Be Excellent To Each Other. A human and non-divine Jesus is more approachable and understandable by people; the concept that infallibility is a myth, that Jesus as a man inspired thousands of years of thought and behavior, those are wondrous things.

Of course, not everyone will think so.
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