Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Tonight I was supposed to go over to the House of mamajenzie to help her move. After work, of course.
I get home, let the dog out to pee, and I hear this ominous sound of aluminum flashing blowing in the wind. Since it was exactly the sound of the aluminum flashing that I put on the porch roof, I went to look, and sure enough both corners had come loose and were blowing. I went back inside just in time to see Yet Another Siding Contractor at the back door.
Let him in, chat about siding for about a half hour. He goes, I go down to the basement and find some roofing nails and a hammer, come back up and crawl out on the roof to nail down the corners.

Go back inside, feed the pets. Hop in the 'sploder and drive to the House of Jen.

Except it's not there.

Yes, I got lost. I went to the wrong place-- a girl I used to date lived there, and I think my brain just kinda switched into that mode. By the time I figured out I was in entirely the wrong place and made it down to the right place, they were done packing.

I feel like a dork.

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