Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

The battery charger is charging the battery. Well enough to start the engine, so that is something-- as long as I can periodically find an electrical outlet and carry along a long-ass extension cord, I should be able to make it go.

But, the alternator looks like it's actually charging the battery as well. If I take the charger off with the engine running, it sits at about a 14 volt level, which is where it should be. With the charger on and the engine not running, it is slightly lower but not much.

With everything off, the battery voltage slowly drops to around 12 volts in less than a minute.

I'm gonna go pull the charger off and check the voltage in about an hour. If the voltage is dropped down below 10 volts or so, there's a good bet it's the battery. If it's still over 11 volts or so, it's likely the alternator. In between, it's inconclusive.

There's also the lovely lovely concept that it's either the alternator or the battery in the process of dying but not degraded enough to show up completely on a diagnostic, like the battery is charging part way or not holding enough of a charge. It might explain some of the weird behavior that I've been seeing lately, but I couldn't identify it as being particularly since the accident or not. If that's the case, it does lean more toward the alternator.

The 'Sploder is hitting that time of its life when stuff is really starting to break down. I really need to get a new vehicle, but I can't afford another set of payments.

Edit: 12.78 volts.

I'll check it again in the morning, but it's looking very alternator-y. Looks like AutoZone offers free testing of alternators and batteries. And there's one close to the house. Perhaps I can figure out what the hell is happening.
Tags: 'sploder

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