Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Like gravel in your underoos, so go the days of our lives.

It's only Thursday. No more charges have come through on my check card, so I'm still good there. Or at least not worse. Tomorrow night will if all things go smoothly be spent in the waiting tentacles of the 'Sploder's engine compartment replacing the alternator. The happy part is at least it's easy to get to:

Right up front, three bolts, a few connections, and plotz. There is the whole removing-the-air-intake-hose thing, but I've done that enough times now that it's old hat, and I am one for hats as you well know:

I'm hoping for an hour or so, depending on weather and whether it works once I get it back in place.

Y'all remember the recent collapse of the parking tent that took me on a whole new level of experience of winter and insurance fondling. Well, there has been a couple of upsides: first I got a new windshield in the 'sploder (which is nice) and second, it opens up the access to the electrical box under the breezeway roof that I needed to add the sodium-vapor lights that I was gonna add a couple of years ago. I pretty much have to wait until spring to do it because of the snow and ice that's got the table and some of the materials buried up close to the breezeway wall and I really need to move them, but it means I can do it and relatively soon.

Lately it's been a toss-up at home whether to work on bills/receipts/taxes or work on the basement, and so far the tax stuff has won out. It's just a higher priority. The basement is coming though, as I need a lot of space for the facade werke.

I'd talk about poop, but nobody really gives a shit.

Work now.

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