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Serious crankage today. My nosal passages are all messed up, and I think it might be from the broken tooth.

I did plastic-weld the liner for the rear hatch last night. This is how it looks this morning:

and closer up:

I was pretty sure that the material was ABS, but the ABS cement didn't seem to do anything except surface stuff, so I went to the methylene chloride. That proceeded to work the way it was supposed to. Held the broken pieces in place with some grip clamps, and this morning it was nice and solid. I just put some JB Weld epoxy on the back to give it some additional strength-- mixed a bit of the methylene chloride in with it to help ultrabond it to the liner. It should now be stronger than the original plastic.

Plastruct plastic welder. Got it at the Hub Hobby Center on Penn just south of 62, but most hobby stores that cater to the RC or ubermodelbuilding crowd should have it in stock. Works on ABS, styrene, butylene, acrylic, polycarbonate... it's pretty cool stuff. And toxic as hell.

I also carved out a little drainage ditch last night for the meltoff puddle-pond that was forming in the backyard. Most of it is gone this morning, but there is still a bit left.

If I actually get outside today, I'll try and take some more pictures. It's feeling like a picture-y day.
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