Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

The toothache has moved into my sinuses now, and it's bad enough that I called to try and make a dentists appointment.

My dental insurance through work is Delta Dental of Massachusetts, since the home office is in Framingham. Delta dental has something like four different plans, which they change the name of every year or so. I think I'm in the Preferred Plus Option One Fizgig Whiz-Bang plan or something.

Now according to the Delta Dental website, they have the same coverage for out-of-plan dentists as they do for in-plan ones. My previous dentist was out-of-plan, and I discovered that Delta Dental does not appreciate out-of-plan dentists at all, and they rejected all coverage. There's an ongoing fight there, but beside the point: i decided to find an in-plan dentist that was close to home.

Delta Dental has a website where you can find member dentists based on location. Sweet, I think.


First try returns no matches. Apparently some issue with my zip code not being in Massachusetts.

After fiddling for a while, got to the global site, which returned several matches. Woo-hoo! And damn, there's one just two blocks from my house.

Uh, they're closed today.

Okay, next in line.

Seniors only.

Next one. They've closed their office.

Next one moved to Edina. The new phone number is there, but the location hasn't been updated for over a year.

Next one no longer supports Delta Dental.

etc, etc.

Finally, one that is still in Delta Dental's plan, is open, and is taking new patients. I can get in for emergency dental work this Friday afternoon...

Okay, I finally have an appointment this afternoon at a dentist that's a little over a mile away from my house. I have to go in a bit early to fill out the paperwork and all, which at this point I will gladly take.

Sorry to disappoint, but my world is pretty tightly focused on the pain today.
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