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Rent asunder

Dreams like mad last night.

The first dream was where my friend Trey had been convicted (wrongfully) of a capital crime, and was going to be executed. He had changed into a bird, and was spending his last free moments flying free, but when it was time for him to be killed, he flew into my hands, and I had to deliver him unto the executioner.
Then for some reason, I was the one who had to wire up the electrocution chamber, and I was trying my best to find a way to make it appear that he was being electrocuted without actually causing him any harm.
It was this weird riding the line between fulfilling my duty and helping a friend. And I woke up with the feeling still haunting me.

I also had sex dreams last night. Those I understand, because they came out of a dream interpretation I was doing for somebody else, so a lot of her imagery carried over into my dreams. Usually that doesn't happen, but I've been flaky enough lately that some leakage is bound to happen.

Geek-literature moment: I picked up the last Hellboy that I was missing, so now I have the full set. I also picked up an Alan Moore anthology, and I broke down and bought Watchmen.
Yeah, I know, it's standard geek issue. So sue me. I hadn't read it in years, and it's nice to roll into the superhero genre with stories that actually make sense and are well-written.

More later.

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