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Pain is pretty much gone today, just a bit of a headache in the background that's manageable with NSAIDs. I think I must have been really loopy yesterday.

The truck has no garbage. Festoon! Festoon!

It may be some while before you can start to feel truly safe. Painful memories make us all conscious of how vulnerable we can be - and thus, we mistrust whatever is calm and secure. Whenever we encounter something inspiring we simply wonder how long it will last. We grow cynical about events on the global stage and doubtful about the dramas in our personal lives. All is now looking most encouraging in an area where once there was tension. Dare you trust it? The answer is 'yes'.

It has been too long since you visited the Middle of Nowhere. You've been a fixture in the heart of a well-defined Somewhere for quite some time. But now, Taurus, you need the enriching confusion of the Cosmic HUH?! it's prime time for you to wander out into the fertile chaos of the WHAT THE HELL!? zone. Have fun! Don't forget to writhe! Now please repeat and repeat and repeat after me, slowly building from a smirking giggle to a cackling belly-laugh: WHERE AM I AND HOW DID I GET HERE?!

Weak, transient effect: Today during the day you experience something like your personal "new Moon," a time when your mind and body are recharged for the month ahead. Your feelings may now be very strongly influenced by the larger emotional patterns that dominate your life. Usually this influence is felt as a burst of energy in which will, physical vitality and emotions all work together harmoniously. The split between mind and feelings that often plagues us all is not noticeable now, and your relations with others, particularly in interactions with women, will probably work more smoothly than usual. This is an outward reflection of your inner harmony. Group efforts are very favorably affected by this influence, because it gives you greater sensitivity to the feelings of people around you.



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Mar. 21st, 2007 09:55 pm (UTC)
You are an engineer, right?
Mar. 21st, 2007 10:50 pm (UTC)
For the most part, yes... though the last few weeks I've been doing validation testing, which is like a science monkey thing.
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