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In proceeding with my "do something every day" theme, I'm going to try tonight to do some exterior work, namely collecting all of the twisted steel wreckage of the former turbogarage and packaging it up for recycling. If there's time, I'd also like to get the crap off of the front porch so I can get the inspector to come and inspect since it's warm enough to consider continuing the work.

There is something that I have to consider now, and that is that I could really use some help with the ubercleaning. I'm talking primarily the excavation of the Scary Basement of Doom™ as I need that space for the facade construction, though there is the Dining Room of Advanced Clutter® and the Kitchen of Embarrasing Science Experiments® that really should be addressed as well. The room formerly known as The Room Where No One Walks can wait a while yet. The stuff that's in that room needs a place to go, and that place will be in the basement more or less.

So tonight I want to get some other stuff cleaned up. Tomorrow and Saturday I have other stuff happening that will take me away from Der Waffle Haus. Sunday will probably be the first available day for me for the ubercleaning. Unfortunately it looks like rain this weekend.

So let me ask: is there anyone who would be willing to brave the wilds of the Big Broken Box™ to help me haul crap out of the basement and possibly the dining room? If so, what days would be good for you? With enough advance warning, I could provide refreshments and pizza or other nosh. And I'll provide dust masks for those with fear of toxic substances-- sorry, I can't afford HAZMAT suits, but I will promise to keep the giant radioactive mutant spiders at bay, and as an added bonus, you can get your crotch sniffed by a curious barky dog!
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