Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I don't know what I'm feeling today.

Odd dreams last night. Lots of old abandoned buildings, and a sense of unease, and the girl I was with was annoyed that I was feeling uneasy. Woke up with much the sneezing and allergy stuff. Benadryl is my friend.
Unfortunately, it wraps me in an emotional blanket, which makes it pretty much impossible to understand feeling because I cant get a hold of it.
It makes me want to sleep.

Last night I was disappointed when I brought the new Repairman Jack novel down to the hot tub to read, and discovered it was one I had already read. So I tubbed with no reading material, which lead to a lot of solitary introspection. I learned that I simply should not be alone to contemplate my navel in a hot tub. I got downright weird. Like exploring the mind of the serial stalker/rapist/killer, and what motivates them. It's great fodder for writing and acting, but it makes me think how easy it would be for me to cross over and become a psychotic.

Although I suppose the fact that I recognize that it is psychotic behavior pretty much leaves out the idea that I'd actually go there.

And I suppose since I'm feeling the inspiration, maybe I should write some more.

Finished Watchmen last night. Freaking epic. Now I'm working on Tomorrow Stories, and I'm discovering that Alan Moore has some weird sensibilities. How in the hell does this guy write so much so good?
Greyshirt. Okay, definitely a sense of humor, but some of the artwork has been freaking incredible. I'm jaded from the likes of cajones, but still...

Downside is I'm running out of reading material.

This coming weekend is a very heavy shoot for Horror Inc. with three bands that need to be covered with multiple cameras. And at this point, we don't know in what shape the set will be, as apparently it was dismantled by the KSTP staff so they could shoot a new show in the space. There are some issues there that need to be resolved. Thankfully I'm not in the middle of this one.
The ideal thing would be to completely move the production out of the KSTP studio entirely, get a warehouse somewhere and shoot there. But that takes money, and money is in short supply. A month's rental would more than blow the entire budget for the season.

And I have dreams of a studio. One with 20-foot or higher ceilings, massive power feed, smooth epoxy-coated concrete floors, and enough space to shoot anything in. Nothing a large infusion of wads of cash couldn't handle.

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