Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Yesternight was pretty much a wash. I managed to start a load of laundry and walk the dog, and I finally e-filed the taxes, but I got nothing of any constructivism done. I'm not firmly convinced that I'll get anything done tonight either, but I'm kind of planning on it.

I had a realization last night as I was bringing the laundry down to the basement just how much pain I'm in on a constant basis. It's pretty much constant and I've gotten so used to it that it's just part of the background noise now. It does get exacerbated by changes in weather, and the weather has been changing rather wildly as of late, which is why it was noticeable.

I've been starting to get back into the swing of the exercise pony again, walking the pooch is most definitely exercise, though I need to start lengthening the trek again. There are three main routes that we go that run about 20, 40, and 60 minutes in rough terms depending on the amount of peemail and sniffin' stuff and squirrel/other dog encounters that happen.

fig. 1: map of the routes

These are just generalizations, but most of the walkies take something close to these routes. Before you get all up in me, remember that dogs love routine, and there are favorite sniffin' trees that must be hit on every walk. The long walk down to the lake and back is usually reserved for weekends, though as the days get longer and there is more daylight available after I get home from work, it's a greater possibility.

Rainy days are something that I need to figure out better. If it's not super-rainy but just occasional sprinkles, walkies aren't too bad, but the serious rain days are not conducive to doggercize. Neither are cold winter days, though that's not so much an issue right now.

I do need to get back on the bike regularly, but that's been more of an issue of time than anything. I've been swamped with stuff that doesn't let me just sit and watch TV anymore. I might have the TV on, but I'm busy with other things, and that's not looking like it will be changing in the near future either.

Then there's the weight bench. Haven't set it up yet, though now I do have barbells and weights ready to go. What I need is the place to set it up, and that is destined to be the dining room unless I take in a roommate that has a dining room table.

Ah, fuck.

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