Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

The office air conditioner is apparently broken, and the sunlight is streaming through the west-facing windows. It's in the high 70's in here (yesterday it was almost 85), and I am at less than optimal performance levels. If I were home it would be naptime, but here at the desk it seems prudent to keep typing stuff and keep that damn validation form open.

So what does the term online dating mean to you?

Maybe I come from the old land of meat and telephones, but when I was a young whippersnapper and unable to get laid, I wasn't getting laid in person. Going on a date meant going out physically with someone to do something with the chance that there could be some hanky-panky thrown in there somewhere.

These days it seems that online dating is dating in the virtual sense, where entire relationships are engendered over the internet, sometimes thousands of miles away from the physical reality. While I can see the draw of this in the sense that a lot of people are much more personable when there is a screen that they're anthropomorphizing with, it takes away the hanky-panky and makes it more of a spanky-hanky if things actually progress into that realm. And hell, if I wanted to be romantically beholden to someone that I wasn't having sex with, I'd get married.

One might suspect that I'm a bit cynical, that fast and furious relationships can be formed in virtual space, formed entirely out of electrons, that one can find a soulmate online, and is even more likely considering that you have a much wider audience of availability. To that I say "poo-poo". If I'm gonna be dating someone in that sense, I want something physical for a significan part of our interactions.

But okay, I will admit that having some online interaction first can be a good thing. Doing an online date as a first meeting has me interested. It's cheap and easy (like me), and there's not a lot of risk there-- if it turns out bad, you can always disconnect. If it turns out good, you can always consider meating (that's meeting in the meatworld-- get it?) each other to see if you are actually chemically pronged in person. It may not turn out well: even the most brilliant conversationalist onscreen can smell like a cross between a pizza and a Frenchman.

The rub is that you are pretty damn limited in what you can do. You're pretty limited to typing to each other, or possibly webcamming if you're one of the adventurous (or for the really really adventurous, there's always teledildonics), but there's nothing like online bowling, or going to see a movie or a show, or dinner.

I suppose with the Wii, you could effectively go bowling together online, and you could play WoW or something similar if you swing that way, but I still think there's a physical thing that's missing there. Maybe I'm just an old fuddy-duddy, but I still like my women close enough to fondle.

So do you think it's possible to have a deeply emotionally involved relationship with someone entirely over the internet, or is it just asking for trouble?

And should there be a Wii-enabled dating site?

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