Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

SO I've been keeping this quiet for obvious reasons, but I've found somebody.

A few months ago I noticed that there were a couple of new strip clubs in town that I hadn't been to. I figured I had to try them out. As you might expect, they were nothing special, your basic Minneapolis strip club fare (I've been spoiled by The Gulag), but as I was leaving Sinners, one of the dancers was coming back in, steamed: apparently her ex had stolen her car. While she was understandably pissed off, evidently the management of the club was a bit ticked that she was making a scene and threatened to fire her if she didn't quiet down.

Being the White Knight that I am, I offered to give her a ride. When we got in the 'Sploder, she was still seething, but soon she started to shake and cry, and proceeded to tell me the story of her ex-husband who was being a prick-- he had kicked her out of the house and was keeping everything, and since the car was officially in his name, she was stranded and didn't know what to do. She was a week away from having a paycheck that would let her buy her father's old car, but she still needed to get to work that week. I told her that if it was within my timing, I could pick her up and drop her off for a week if it would help. She told me that I was very sweet to offer, but she'd figure something out, she always did. I gave her my phone number anyway, just in case.

Well, sure enough, she called. I picked her up on Monday at her house and dropped her off at work. It fit pretty well in my schedule as she had to be there for her 7:00 shift, so I had time after I got home to take care of the pets (she was living at a friend's place over in Powderhorn), and we kept it up for the week. That weekend she bought her car, and she called me up on Sunday wanting to thank me for being so nice, and she offered to take me out to dinner.

Well, since then we've been talking, and getting to know each other a little. She's about a year away from finishing up her degree at the U (psychology/sociology double major), she's 25, finally divorced, no kids, and she's a geek. She's been to CONvergence twice and loves it. And yes, she has a freakin' hot ass.

I just talked to her last night. Her welcome at her friend's place is wearing thin, and she's gonna move into the Big Broken Box™ this coming weekend.

Yeah, there are a few details to work out and all, but she says as soon as I sign the life insurance papers, she's in!

P.S. her name is April. April Phulles.
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