Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Today I have bits of epoxy on various parts of my body that I'm still finding. I had an issue yesterday trying to fix my luggage rack wing for the 'Sploder: the plastic bits are apparently made of the only injection-molded plastic in the world that neither dissolves in methylene chloride nor attaches to epoxy. I ended up dremeling out channels and inserting stainless-steel cap screws to hold the bits together and epoxying the hell out of the assembly in place in the aluminum wingtube. Which for some reason involves repeatedly dropping the assembly on various parts of my body while naked.

Why in the hell would I be naked while epoxying things together? Simple: Epoxy is a right bitch to get out of clothes. I suspect that this may have something to do with mamajenzie's decision to paint her apartment naked as well (though there is a small part of my mind that has this mental image of something more befitting a combination of a faux-finishing how-to video and porn, but I digress). Epoxy once it's cured can be peeled off of skin pretty easily, but getting it out of cloth sucks. Note however that this is not a generalization: for instance, cyanoacrylates (i.e. superglues) in clothing will ruin it, but the first time that you accidentally glue your scrotum to your thigh will also be the last time you accidentally glue your scrotum to your thigh, if you catch my drift. And let's not even mention the fun of a hot glue gun and the blisters that can form.

Yesterday I also assembled a new DVD shelf that I picked up from 'Nards. My old friends at Sauder "woodworking" have actually made a shelf system specifically for DVDs and CDs, and it was almost exactly what I was looking for. I'm not a big fan of the pressed-sawdust furniture, but I'm a much bigger fan of Sauder's quality than I was before I got the failed Target shelf where tape was an integral structural component. And honestly, they've come a long way since the K-mart days.

To be fair, I did actually spend a little extra time testerday resurrecting what I could from that shelf and enhancing it a bit: I used some 3M/Scotch formula 90 spray adhesive to glue the cardboard pieces together as well as tape them with much stronger tape, and I broke out the pneumatic brad gun to attach the back, which proved to really be too much for the disastrously weak ultra-low density pressboard that this thing is made of. It's in place for now, but it will be replaced after I get a new ubersaw to replace the stolen one, and I actually get time to build a real bookshelf out of real wood.

It's looking like the weekend of April 14-15 will be the weekend of hauling stuff to KCMO. I'll be hauling a trailer full of BarbStuff down to her new abode, which is a good thing in that it means I'll be getting rid of that much more stuff. The downside is driving to Kansas City and back, which is a PITA drive to do alone, so if Artemis is not wanting to go with me, I may be looking for a vehicular companion for the weekend. Downside is that KCMO doesn't seem to have the concept of hot tubs in hotels yet. Still looking, but it's not hopeful.

Edit: I found a hotel that has a hot tub and booked a room, so if'n you might be up for a road trip, there's relaxy bits at the end of the tunnel.
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