Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I have some on the front porch that are probably gonna just get trashed otherwise. It's the white beadboard, not the pinkboard, and it's not exactly structural. I originally got it for forming foundation walls, but when I went with the concrete block, they became surplus. Most are 4x8 feet, some are broken into smaller pieces. Would probably be good for costumes or props, or, you know, insulation. A lot of it I stuck in the front windows over the winter, and it worked pretty damn well.

This coming weekend is the roadtrip to KCMO. After coming back, there will be the trip to 'Nards to get the building supplies for the facade, and then construction can begin in earnest. I'm holding off until then because Barb will be up and I really want to get more stuff out of the house before bringing materials in. There may be some interim dumping of stuff because after I get the materials I'll be able to put out the dumpsterbag. That may wait briefly because I think I can put a lot of the dining room crap in regular contractor-grade trash bags and dispose of it piecemeal.

This is gonna be a busy week.
Tags: cleaning, facade

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