Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I have the urge that if I could figure out how, I'd send Don Imus some Hostess Nappy-Headed Ho-hos.

But I saw his picture this morning.

Dude looks like this, he doesn't need my ridicule.

You may have never heard of Don Imus. Back in my fledgeling radio days, Imus was one of the legends. This is the days before Howard Stern. We're talking 1973 well into the '80s doing mornings on WNBC in New York. He was the first widely known irreverent personality, sort of the proto shock-jock.

That's ancient history now. These days he sounds like he swallowed a wheelbarrow. He's been doing sports commentary on MSNBC. Now he's recieved a two-week suspension for saying that the Rutgers women's basketball team looked like "nappy-headed hoes".

Was it inappropriate? Yes. But how much of the controversy is coming because this is an old cranky white guy trying to come across as hip to the lingo?

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