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Home after a really freakin' long trip.

We made it down to Barb's new place last night with enough time that we unhooked the trailer and said Sayonara in order to make it to the hotel for what turned out to be a half-hour of tubbin'. It was still good.

As it turns out, the hotel was directly across the street from Worlds of Fun, which has a huge-ass roller coaster
Horrid dreams. Some sort of bug that looked exactly like green grapes, but would leap up and latch on to your flesh.

Got up this morning to unload the trailer. Unfortunately I started having problems with being weak and dizzy and had to sit out a part of the moving of stuff. Got the trailer hooked back up then Barb had some last-minute paperwork, which was me signing myself off of the joint account, and her handing me the tabs for the 'Sploder which got sent to her instead of me.

Got on the road, called Eve to let her know we weren't coming to visit (there wasn't enough time and I was feeling like crap), and started the drive back.

Along the way, I started getting all emo. It was like riding a rollercoaster of sad. I couldn't figure it out, but Artemis suggested that maybe getting the last of Barbstuff out of the house was like the final chapter, like it was the end. And I have to admit that signing the bank papers was a lot like signing divorce papers.

So yeah, me all emo.

I'm a little better now, but still pretty wedged into a crap mental state.

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