Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

My problems are petty

House stuff.

Started off the day a little smacked around.

Actually feeling better physically, I think. The eternal snot machine is getting tiring, but being able to open up the windows in the Big Broken Box™ yesterday made things better, as I'm sure did getting a lot of the pet guck up off of the floor.

Thing is I know this is a situation of my own manufacture. Certainly I'm a contributor-- not the sole contributor, but a contibutor nonetheless-- and I'm the one who has to deal with it.

SO to that end:



Place in Paper Bag


Cans; food, beverage & aluminum foil

Rinse, clean and remove all caps or lids.



Glass Bottles & Jars

Rinse, clean and throwaway all caps or lids.



Plastic Bottles

Rinse, clean and throwaway all caps or lids.




Keep dry. Ads are accepted.

Yes, or bundle with string or twine.

20 lbs.

Magazines and Catalogs

Keep dry.


20 lbs.

Dry Food Boxboard, Office Paper & Mail

Flatten boxes, remove plastic, and keep dry.



Household Batteries

Tape ends of lithium contacts to prevent fire.

No, but Place in clear plastic bag, on top or inside the bin.


Phone Books

Keep dry.

No, but Place on top or inside the bin.


Corrugated Cardboard

Flatten each box. Remove and throw away plastic, tape and packing material.

No, but must be bundle with string or twine

20 lbs.

3ft. x 3ft.

Of course, stuff like computers and TVs need to be recycled separately (of course).

Trying to get the place in shape for company on Friday. It's not gonna be pristine, but it should be at least livably non-toxic in time for the sacrifice of the turkeys.


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