Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

too fun

You are walking through a flickering control room. The colony's computer alerts you to flexible women.

You find yourself in a flooded cave beneath the colony. Alien bones are scattered in the shape of pretentious crap.

You are in a chrome galley. Pipes run above your head, marked 'nipple gravy'.

You find yourself in a uneven tunnel beneath the colony. Ancient carvings in the rock wall illustrate sensual massage.

You are in a zero-gravity observation room. A heavy bulkhead is stenciled 'loose women'.

I escaped from Moon Colony Magicmarmot!

I killed Loba the tribble, Masklady the awful green thing, Onecheshire the psychic agent, Jmanna the space pirate, Azul Ros the cargobot, Eldogo the maintenance droid, Davidkingsley the cleaning droid, Tekwh0re the red-shirted ensign, Ambassador Eowynmn, Poopoo102075 the nutrivend drinks machine, Red Thong Diary the nutrivend drinks machine and Sageincave the nutrivend drinks machine.

I salvaged a corpsemakinglithium crystal, a MINNEA-9200 supercomputer, Musichad's commbadge, a KISSME-5300 supercomputer, a 7THSTR-5400 supercomputer, a Themadblondeian raygun, an RICK-BAKER-160 phaser, a Qobian raygun, Burnunit's commbadge, an Autodidactic model hazmat suit, a MAKING forcefield generator, a Paperhandsian artefact, a Weaselkingian artefact, a GREG-NICOTERO-20 plasma rifle, Molasses's commbadge, Badinagevim's commbadge, the Log of the USS Althea105, the Log of the USS Dracut, Ez2beve's commbadge, the Log of the USS Pied Piper70, a Dewey921ian raygun, a Jmengshawian raygun, Revdj's commbadge, a Sexxxnrosesian deathblade and 299 galacticredits.

Score: 1134

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Tags: games

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